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Lose Weight Seattle

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Unleash the  infinite power within you to become slim and healthy!

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Connie is an expert on hypnosis for weight management, and was asked to present a talk at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center for World Hypnotism Day.  Here is a clip above.  You can do this!

This is a growing issue in America--read this article linked below dated 7/1/09 about the disturbing trends in unhealthy weight gain.  The report is calling for a "national strategy" to combat this.  They should consider HYPNOSIS!!  Its power and success for helping people manage a healthy weight is well-documented.

Two-thirds of American adults are too fat: study

Don't be one of those sad statistics!  I can help!


This is a program  where you'll see results, because together we reprogram your mind to act in ways you want to: healthy choices, healthy eating, exercise. It won't be a  struggle, and it's not a "diet," it's simply doing what you want to do.  For yourself.  Your mind and your body will be working together--for your health!! It's so cool. Some of the programs out there suggest radical life-threatening surgeries or something artificial like buying prepackaged meals from them forever! That's ridiculous. And not practical, and not necessary. Your subconscious mind can lead you to a healthy body and healthy life!  Naturally!  Easily!  And quicker than you can imagine, you'll be dropping the pounds.

Check out MY before and after pic here.  When it comes to weight management, I know what I'm talking about.  You want the best.  The experienced, someone who's struggled with a weight problem all her life and finally overcome it--with HYPNOSIS!!  Someone who knows exactly what you're going through.  I've been through the fire, the crucible with starvation and yo-yo weight and all those fad diets out there for years and years, and I've come out the other end.  Hypnosis is the answer!  I've lost 75 pounds, Baby!!!  Now I want to help you achieve your own fabulous successful healthy results! Let's do it together.

Weight loss through hypnosis is magical.

Imagine yourself in your "skinny jeans."  Hear the compliments of your family and your friends.  Look in the mirror in the morning and LIKE what you see!  Feel the energy coursing through your body.  You feel GREAT.  You look GREAT.  You feel and look younger.  Happier. You have more stamina/fun in the boudoire.  So much less strain on your body, on your joints, on your heart.  You'll live longer with a higher quality of life.  Lightening up has so many proven health benefits.  Why not begin now?!

Call me:  (425) 564-8608.

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Beat the battle of the bulge:



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Mindworks Hypnosis wins Best of Bellevue Weight Loss and Control Program for 2011, 2012 and 2013! 

Mindworks Hypnosis wins Best of Bellevue Weight Loss Program 2011

So Many Testimonials of success:

Featured Success Story, Nicole of Seattle, WA:

Successful weight loss, with hypnosis & NLP!

Here's what Nicole has to say about Mindworks Hypnosis:

I cannot even begin to say all I want to say about Connie and the work she does at Mindworks Hypnosis. Ive worked with Connie on a couple different occasions, and she has changed my life completely.  I went to her for my lack of energy and enthusiasm for working out and losing weight. Ive lost 50lbs and am now 10lbs from my goal! Nicole, Seattle, WA.

And more...

Hello Mind Transforming Wizard!  Connie, youre again amazing. The small tune up was just want I needed. after a while I just didnt ever crave sweets and frankly I just ignore them all together. Its crazy, I just pass them by.  Cheers! and heres to the good life.  --Brian, Seattle, WA

"I'm not so glued to the food!"  --Liz, Redmond, WA 

"My clothes are falling off me!"  -- Laura S., Kent, WA

"Hi Connie, I'm happy to report that I am down 15 pounds, half of my weight loss goal... I can see for certain that I will accomplish it. Thank you and take good care." -- R.E., Seattle, WA

" My body and I are working together.  I am down almost 30 pounds and feel great.  Hypnotherapy is a very easy way to remove obstacles in your life  Connie is the Master at helping."  -Caryn Lilley, Portland, OR.

"Thank you, Connie!  The work we have done together has truly changed my life.  I have found my happy and am now on the journey to a  stronger, slimmer, healthier me."

     --Kelly, Renton, WA.

"I've lost 8 pounds in 12 days!"     --Don B., Issaquah, WA.

"It's amazing!  I've lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks.  I'm happy!  I'm sleeping like a baby.  My stress level has decreased.  I'm making very healthy choices.  (Before my last session) I was dancing in the shower, couldn't wait, eager to come see Connie.  She's guided me to opening my gate to freedom."

     --Julie, Mercer Island, WA. 

"I feel so empowered!  I feel like I'm in charge of my choices, rather than following whims or food cravings."

     --C.L., Kirkland, WA 

Videos of Success!



"Hi Connie,

Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful help.  I've lost 40# in 4 months, and I feel confident that I'm going to lose at least 40 more. It's truly remarkable what a few easy sessions with you have done for my life.

As a health care worker, I've always known healthy diet and exercise were key to losing weight, but I never seemed motivated to seriously make those long term lifestyle changes.  I grew so obese that I even considered surgery. But the risks scared me, so I decided to try calling you instead.

Even after one session,  everything changed.  I found myself craving healthy foods, appropriate portions, and daily exercise.  My sweet tooth and chip obsession disappeared overnight.  My self esteem skyrocketed.  I finally knew I could conquer my lifelong struggle with my weight.  It's been months since I've seen you and yet I'm still right on track with my goals.

Hypnosis is easy and it truly works.  You've changed my life.  Thank you!"

-E, Seattle, WA.

Here's a twist.  I got a testimonial from a client's DOG!!  Thanking me for the increased activity of his mom/owner  :)

Another happy outcome!  Hypnosis for weight loss!

Bear says: 'Thank you for my walk today!'

   --Polar Bear, Seattle, WA. 

And more successes:

"I love hypnosis...my knee cracking, painful problem is GONE.  I feel a foot taller.  I feel thinner.  I feel lighter.  I feel like a superstar! ...Go see Connie!  She's magical!"

     -- Nicole, Seattle, WA.

"I have been committed to lose weight for my health for years.  However, the actual first step was almost impossible.  So before I tried more radical methods, I thought I would try hypnosis. 

Connie Brannan, and Mindworks Hypnosis worked wonders.  The day after my first session, new behaviors emerged and became habits.  The amazing thing is it was so easy. 

 Late night cravings gone.

Drinking 8 glasses of water/day new habit.

Portion control easy.

A real desire for healthy foods a new habit.

Feeling full with the right amount of food   a new feeling. 

Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis works and fast.  I have been losing a consistent 2.5 pounds per week.  In the first six weeks, Ive lost 18 pounds and counting."

--Cynthia Sullivan, COO of a local Bellevue company,  Bellevue, WA

Update:  Cynthia has lost 50 pounds now!  As of February, 2010.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"I haven't had a donut since I last saw you (3 weeks ago), which is a MIRACLE!!"

     -- Nichole L., Bellevue, WA 

I dont crave ice cream at all now!  Or chocolate.  I am in shock!!!  Im smiling all the time.  People think that I am in love!  But I am not!  Absolutely not in love, I just feel GREAT.  I believe that its the hypnosis!!

     --  Saliha B., Issaquah, WA.  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

Dear Connie:  Thank you so much for working with me to help me loose weight.  I had just one session, and the positive effects are nothing short of amazing!  The cravings that so plagued me are just gone!  I feel better and have more energy and just feel more positive since I am not constantly telling myself no.  I did not realize the energy I was expending either refusing certain foods, or feeling bad after having eaten them!  I cannot wait for our next session.  I wish I had found you earlier as I would have saved myself so much grief and disappointment.  Thank you for sharing this life altering experience with me.


Monica Anderson, Bellevue, Washington

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"I experienced the most wonderful shift regarding my weight. You said something during the hypnosis that has allowed me to feel much more in touch with my true desires and beliefs about my weight. I feel the change and it has a wonderful ease about it.

So I just wanted to let you know and to tell you how much I appreciate your work!"

--Claudia, Bellevue, WA

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"I will have you know I've lost 30 lbs.  Girl, you are my absolute idol!"  --Lisa B.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"I lost four pounds the first week since our hypnosis session!"

--Mrs. J, Woodinville

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"I've lost 3 pounds in the past week since our session.  I no longer feel the need to clean my plate."

Marilyn H., Seattle, WA.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

"Thank you for working with me.  My eating habits have changed and I'm full much sooner.  I haven't weighed myself, but I haven't done that in years.  My clothes feel better!"

          --Sheri Parker, Topeka, KS 

"The choices aren't hard anymore."

     -- Anonymous client, Duvall, WA.  (She lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks.)

"I've lost 12 pounds!"  -- Naomi V., Mercer Island

"I've been loving the results and new freedoms from my first round of NLP:  10 pounds gone, much less stress in my life, and I'm saving a ton of money at the grocery store. Yay me! People have been asking me what's up with the changes and I send them your way."

     -- K. Dolan, Seattle, WA 

Its amazing.  Im such a different person from who I was.  Im happy, confident, very positive.  People around me are noticing and commenting.  Best of all, Im not so hard on myself, Ive learned to say nice things to myself.  Im so much happier.  I feel like I can do anything.

     --  K.J., Renton, WA. 

"I've lost 20 pounds!"  -- Lori C., Seattle, WA.

"It's an astonishing transformation.  I'm so happy!  I'm so grateful."  -- K.C., Bellevue, WA.

And more...

"-Dropped two pant sizes

-Eating appropriate portions

-Drinking more water

-Increased motivation to exercise

Ive lost weight, but the best part is not worrying so much about the weight. Instead, Im focusing on healthy habits, and the rest is just working itself out. I feel like Im in control and have the right priorities, rather than worrying so much about comparing myself to others. Its a great feeling!"

-Kelli Zielinski, Seattle, WA