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Unleash the  infinite power within you to improve your memory recall and concentration!

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Improve your memory with Mindworks Hypnosis Seattle

Do you find yourself forgetting important phone numbers? People's names?  Driving directions?  "Was it turn left or right at the mini-mart?"    What about your mental grocery list--do you ever walk into the store and ask yourself:  "What did I need here, again?"  Do you find yourself forgetting where you left your car keys?  Retain and recall these and other pieces of information easily, automatically through the power of hypnosis!

Your memory will be as inclusive as you believe it can be.

With hypnosis, we can enter into and alter the memory process in your mind in such a way as to enhance and improve your recall.  Both short-term and long-term memory are yours, as you desire. Everything you see and hear and experience goes into your subconscious mind.  Think of it as a computer data bank.  We, using hypnotic techniques, work with you to optimize and automate that retrieval process.

Perfect concentration can also be yours through hypnotherapy.  You will learn to concentrate easily with pure, focused attention on any task and details.  As a result of better concentration, you will absorb more, retain more information and perform each task more efficiently!

Won't it feel good to know that you have an excellent memory and don't have to struggle with concentration and detail retrieval?

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 Connie Brannan, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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