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A phobia might not seem "simple" to you, but these tools of hypnosis and NLP are amazingly powerful, and most phobias are removed in a single Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy session.  It doesn't matter it is a pattern that's been running, running, running (maybe for decades) in you, patterns can be unlearned and new patterns installed.  Quicker than you think.  Hypnosis rocks!  When you're fed up with being afraid, call me.  Let's DO something about it!

Read more about my own experience with a SEVERE spider phobia, and how it was "cured" with hypnosis.  Read my blog here! 


Fear is very real, and very debilitating.  It can and does limit your life.  It can take many forms, from a fear of public speaking, to a fear of spiders or snakes, to a fear of flying, to a fear of heights, to a fear of open spaces, to a fear of elevators, to a fear of needles, and so on.  Fear is meant to serve a positive purpose in our lives, it's to protect us--but when it becomes out of proportion to the true "danger" involved, it needs to be changed.

I'm a former spider-phobic.  Finding a tiny garden spider in the bathtub is not a reasonable reason to have a strong physical reaction of anxiety, alarm, recoiling, jumping, screaming, and adrenalin pumping through one's body.  I know.  I suffered that for most of my life.  I couldn't look at a picture of a spider.  I couldn't go near a spider, I'd call someone to come over and "rescue" me.  Not any more.  Now, through the same techniques I can use to help you, I see a spider, I simply look at it--CALMLY--and think:  "It's a spider."  And I get out the bug spray can or remove it.

We have a pattern, a strategy in our brains that is telling us that this wild fear is how to respond.  With hypnosis and NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is the study of human excellence), we discover that mental pattern, and interrupt that pattern.  Give the mind more choices, an enlarged response repertoire, one that includes calmness and a reasonable assessment of the situation.

These techniques are amazingly powerful and quick.  Something that has bothered and limited you perhaps your entire life can be "fixed" in a matter of hours.  Or even minutes.  Your mind learns a new way to react, a more resourceful way.  The joy you'll feel from freeing yourself from your phobias is indescribable.  Now you'll be able to go and do without hindrance.  You can hop that plane, and go visit the family.  You can go on that camping trip.  You can give that talk at work, confidently and comfortably.  Your child can go to the doctor and get her booster shots without hysterics.  And so on.  There's no reason to live a limited life.

Call me now for a free private in-office consultation to discuss the changes you'd like in your life.


Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tm)
Call me:  (425) 564-8608.


       How high can you reach?  http://www.seattlehypnosisforphobias.com

Featured Testimonial: May, 2011.  This gentleman is frequently subject to experiencing extreme heights in the course of his work--and used to have debilitating fear.  Hypnosis works!

Fear of Heights - Conquered with Hypnosis

"Hello Connie,

Changes....  The evening of the session I was able to go up our step ladder two steps in the kitchen and stand on one leg. The weekend after the session, I spent some time at 45 feet in a small (hydraulic) lift and was much more comfortable than before…

I was also noticing that when I walk on catwalks or spend time on elevated platforms, I usually concentrate on work.  In the past it was nearly impossible because the fear was overpowering.  I've definitely made vast headway.  Thanks, you are the best! 

-- Blake Townsend, Seattle, WA."

For more testimonials of success overcoming fears and apprehensions, life-changing success with the help of Mindworks Hypnosis, see upper right column.

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Goodbye driving phobia, with Seattle best hypnotherpist, Connie Brannan.

Featured Testimonial:  November, 2011

Driving Fear Kicked to the Curb!

"I have been able to drive without a panic attack. I drove with my husband on local freeways. I was also able to help him drive from Bellevue to Arizona, which was a dream of mine, and he was so happy and grateful to have a break from driving! You really changed my life, and “thank you” does not seem enough to say.   It was truly wonderful meeting you. I have bragged about you – in the best possible way – to some people here in the neighborhood – so much so, that you may get new clients who fly to Bellevue to meet with you! …You are an awesome Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist…thank you for helping me."

        --Joy Epstein, Sun City, Arizona 


Margot used to be uncomfortable with public speaking, and travel.  Not any more.  Watch this video testimonial of her positive changes:


What are you afraid of?  Let the amazing power of your own mind in collaboration with Connie & Michael Brannan and Mindworks Hypnosis shift that fear into something more useful and pleasant.  We can help!!  (425) 564-8608



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Fear of Public Speaking - GONE!

Amazing progress! I gave a presentation 2 weeks ago, and wasn't nervous...immediately felt a wave of calm come over me. I presented well and the audience and other speaker responded well to me, so I know it was successful.!"
     --Beth, Bellevue, WA

Spider Fear Squashed Like a Bug!

"It's awesome, my home life is so much less stressful now!  I've noticed that I hardly ever look for spiders anymore and that when I do find one all I wanna do is seek and destroy! Thank you so so so so so much again!

        --Nicole V., Seattle, WA

Fear of Flying is No More!

"I am a believer now.  Eight flights and my anxiety level is pretty close to normal...The first flight after, as you probably imagine, I was a little skeptical that what we did (in one session) would change anything, but I have to say that it was probably the most pleasant flight I have had in years."

--Paul, Issaquah, WA

"Just a brief note to thank you for what you've done for me.  I'm  feeling so confident, may just have to take a trip before January  because I don't think I have the patience to wait to try out the new me."

--Donna, Seattle, WA.

Claustrophobia No More!

Hello Connie,
I just wanted to let you know that I went back to work today and rode up and down on the elevator about 6 times in a row with no nervousness or other symptoms at all. ( I did get a few funny looks, though!) Really, an amazing result! I am really thrilled.
I know of a couple particularly creaky and dubious elevators around town that I will make it a point to ride the next week and will let you know how that goes. However, based on my experience today I have no doubt that I will have no troubles at all.
Thanks very much!
Jeff M., Bellevue, WA.

Agoraphobia gone!

"My life has done a complete turnaround since my time with you. ...I have not had a single (panic) attack since then.  Driving is fun for me now and very relaxing. Thanks Connie, you changed my life completely for the better."   --James, Seattle WA

Fear of Fish, Beaches, Water - GONE!

"Hi Connie, It was a real pleasure working with you !  I Just came back from our vacation from Maui, we had an amazing time, and guess what, I was able to swim in the ocean, and we even went for a submarine tour to watch the fishes...I still can't believe I did that...I just wanted to give you more update about my former fish phobia  and that it (hypnosis) is working."

     -- NB., Bellevue, WA 

An 11 year old girl had a Fear of Germs and Vomit - GONE!

"Hi Connie, Today I went to pick her up at school and she was all smiles. She said that a friend of hers threw up and she was ok. She touched the “magic spot” on her hand and that completely calmed her down. She said that she was more worried for her friend than for herself. This is a big milestone for her and you can see it just by looking at her today: pure happiness. Thanks again."

 F.T., Bellevue, WA.

Needle Phobia - GONE!

“Hi Connie, I have been waiting until I have needed to do something needle related so I could let you know how it went. Since working with you I noticed I have not been as nervous when thinking or talking about needles, to the point where my husband was really “freaked out” the day I came from your office because he was shocked at my complete turnaround. I even challenged him to try to get me to react to anything needle related and he was unsuccessful.

Today was the ultimate test. I had a doctor’s appointment and they asked if I wanted the TDAP shot. Normally I decline this immediately, but today I thought let’s give it a shot, so I did. I used your technique that will help bring the calm feeling back. The fact that I went through with it shows that the hypnosis was successful! This was the first time in my life I have voluntarily had a shot without hyperventilating or without being restrained or medicated.

Thank you so much for everything, you have opened up many doors in my life
that I would not have had with my needle phobia. I have told everyone that
knows about my needle fear about you and have recommended they call you if
they need to work on anything!  Thanks again!

     -- Lucy C., Seattle, WA