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Unleash the infinite power within you to achieve  your every goal!

      ...Learn effective ways to change bad habits into
         good ones

           ...Learn how to get the things you want most in life

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Hypnosis has created miraculous changes in the lives of many and it can help you to become the person you always wanted to be, to become the Limitless You!  Quicker and more effortlessly than you can imagine!  Click on the links below for more information!

Lose Weight

*  Stop Smoking

Stop Phobias

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Improve Memory

Improve Study Habits

Stop Nail Biting

Improve Sports Performance

Enhance Creativity

Improve Salesmanship

Learn Self-Hypnosis

Improve Self-Confidence

Stop Procrastination

Manage Pain

Stop Insomnia

And MUCH MORE!  Recall past lives, heal old relationship wounds, let go of grief, get relief from allergies, stop grinding your teeth, unleash your psychic potential, achieve lucid dreaming, accelerate healing, become all that you can be in almost any way you can imagine through the power of your own amazing mind.

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       How high can you reach?

Here's a short video introduction to Connie and her Seattle area hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practice.

Do you want the best?...the most proven successful, the most highly trained, caring, client-centered, results-driven professional hypnotherapist in the State of Washington?  That's Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist.

I get asked frequently:  "Does Hypnosis work?  Does Hypnotherapy Work?"  I explain more about the process of unconscious change here on our new website:  http://www.seattlehypnosisworks.com
As you can tell from the title of the page, YES!  Hypnosis works.



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Weight Loss | Smoking Cessation | Stress Release | Confidence and Self-Esteem | Memory and Concentration | Control of Physical Discomfort | Sleep Improvement


 Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, Hypnotherapists - Hypnotists, Bellevue, WA

Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Rating:  A+

Mindworks Hypnosis wins "Best of Bellevue 2011, 2013, and 2013" Awards.

 Mindworks Hypnosis wins Best of Bellevue award for 2011.

More & More Testimonials:

Goodbye Social Anxiety:

Hi, Connie! I cannot believe how good I feel. Last February and early March there was so much tension and fear in my body around this area of my life. Now, I feel calm, confident and secure. Even my friends are amazed. I am amazed. I mean it, it really works!!!! I am dating and have even kissed a gal Wow, I just cannot thank you enough. Also, I have referred you to others."

       --Fred, Kirkland 

Freedom from FEAR:

"I have to say, I've been quite amazed by how helpful the hypnosis/NLP session has been. I do notice a major difference in the way I interact with people, especially those that I did not know prior.  Ive made more friends in the past 8 weeks since our session than I had done in the previous 6 months!"

--Former social anxiety sufferer, Seattle, WA.

 * * * * * * * * * *

Weight Loss Success:

"Connie Brannan, and Mindworks Hypnosis worked wonders.  The day after my first (weight loss) session, new behaviors emerged and became habits.  The amazing thing is it was so easy...

Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis works and fast.  I have been losing a consistent 2.5 pounds per week.  In the first six weeks, Ive lost 18 pounds and counting."

--Cynthia Sullivan, COO of a local Bellevue company,  Bellevue, WA 


"I'm not so glued to the food!" says Liz, Redmond, WA

"I've been loving the results and new freedoms from my first round of NLP:  10 pounds gone, much less stress in my life, and I'm saving a ton of money at the grocery store. Yay me! People have been asking me what's up with the changes and I send them your way."

--K. Dolan, Seattle, WA

"I've lost 20 pounds!" says Lori C., of Seattle, WA.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Fear of Public Speaking - GONE!

"Amazing progress! I gave a presentation 2 weeks ago, and wasn't nervous...immediately felt a wave of calm come over me. I presented well and the audience and other speaker responded well to me, so I know it was successful.!"
     --Beth, Bellevue, WA

* * * * * * * * * * 

DONE with Smoking!

"I have 3 months now since I quit smoking. I am so much happier and feel so much better. I feel this is a lifelong experience with your skilled hypnosis expertise. Thank You."

    -- Laurie A, Seattle, WA.

"I'm 28 days without a cigarette.  I feel great!  Everything worked!  I'm very surprised at these results.  Exceeded my expectations."

     -- Dave Manion, Bellevue, WA. 

I am so proud that I have not smoked all this time.  Its amazing!  I cant believe that I have done it!  I used to believe that I could not live without cigarettes.  Now I know I will never be a smoker again!  Im so happy I met you, Connie.

     -- N.B., Bellevue, WA. 

Hello there Connie. This Thursday will mark 6 weeks of NO SMOKING!! Yahoo!! The journey so far has been interesting for meI have had a few dreams where I did light up and was very disappointed at myself.  Nice to wake up and realize Im good. :)

     -- Dawn Abourezk, Seattle, WA.

 * * * * * * * * *

End Procrastination!

Before my sessions with Connie, I would have put off writing this letter forever. That was me then--never finishing anything, always putting things off until tomorrow. It all changed when I worked with Connie. Now,  I just get right to the things I need to get done. I'm motivated.  It's incredible! Trance really was cool, too. My advice? Don't delay!

         ---MB, Bellevue  (Former  Procrastinator)

 * * * * * * * * * *

Fear of Medical Procedures -- Gone!

"Hi Connie!

I promised I would e-mail to let you know about the baby's arrival, etc. I wanted to thank you for working with me. I felt pretty darn relaxed about my surgery compared to previous surgeries. I have also found that my recovery has been much quicker and easier this time around. I am so glad we did the NLP and hypnosis to help me prepare.

Thanks again!"
--Kristen, Renton, WA

* * * * * * * * * *

Peer Testimonial:

"Connie Brannan is the kind of hypnotherapist I can whole heartedly recommend.  She is more than just a hypnotherapist!...She is able to deal with and resolve all kinds of psychological and physical health issues! Helping people live healthier, happier, more productive lives has to be the highest calling in life!  That is what Connie does at 'Mindworks.'...I have watched her work her craft, with the success that only her skills can produce!  As a client at Mindworks, Connie will help you to accomplish all that your heart desires and your Imagination can believe!"

Winston Steadman, Imagineering NW