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C'mon, Seattle!  Hypnosis unleashes the  infinite power within you to become the confident you, full of self-esteem!

Call for a free in-person private consultation today in our lovely Bellevue office, convenient to all of the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area.  

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist:  (425) 564-8608

More:  http://www.seattlehypnosisforconfidence.com


Do you need a boost of confidence in some particular situation?  Maybe it's public speaking, getting up there before the group and making your presentation, maybe it's at work talking to your boss and negotiating a raise, or maybe it's in a social setting--the confidence to approach a particularly attractive member of the opposite sex and start up a conversation.  Perhaps it's an overall feeling of low self-esteem you're battling. In any of these contexts, and more:  hypnosis can help.  I can help!!  Wouldn't it be nice to feel confident, comfortable, competent, capable, with a high level of self-esteem in these situations?

Confidence and how you feel about yourself are inextricably linked.  Improve one, and the other follows.  With hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a "high tech" hypnosis, based on the study of human excellence), we can create the desired confident state in you, and give you the ability to resurrect it, automatically and unconsciously whenever and where ever you need it.  How cool is that?  VERY!

After your Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy session with me, stressful situations will now trigger confidence and all those good feelings.  We make it happen!

Call now to improve your life!
(425) 564-8608.

Or email:  

 Connie Brannan, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tm)


The proof is in the pudding!

"Good morning Connie,

I thought I would give you a quick update. I feel great, refreshed, and full of life. I really want to thank you for the sessions, it was truly mind changing. You moved me back into my life's direction. I really don't get frustrated or angry at myself anymore mainly due to a positive direction in my own self talk. You are an artist of a person's mind and soul. I am sure that I will utilize you in the future and won't hesitate to call when the need arises.

Thank you!!!"

-Brian Dawson, Woodinville, WA 

Im doing great! I cant believe how relaxed I am when I speak, Im having a lot more fun. You really changed my life. It seems like its getting better all the time. Ive told a few people to go to you for their weight problems. Happy 2014! Thanks!

-- C. O., Woodinville, WA

  Here is a client's video testimonial of the process and her success:

Rocio Bazan, of Everett, WA. says:  This process is wonderful, is powerful, is amazing. Its magic! It changed my life in a big, big step. Im really, really happy!

Another Testimonial of Success (Goodbye Social Anxiety):

Hi, Connie! I cannot believe how good I feel. Last February and early March there was so much tension and fear in my body around this area of my life. Now, I feel calm, confident and secure. Even my friends are amazed. I am amazed. I mean it, it really works!!!! I am dating and have even kissed a gal Wow, I just cannot thank you enough. Also, I have referred you to others."

       --Fred, Kirkland, WA

"Connie, I wanted to let you know, after being hypnotized for a calmer and more relaxed state for the job interview, I wanted you to know that I GOT THE JOB!!  I appreciate all your help, it was a remarkable difference!!! Hurray!!! Thank you!"

      --Tracy F, Seattle, WA


Here's a brief video intro to Connie and her Seattle area hypnosis practice!  Check it out!  Learn more about hypnosis and NLP and how they change lives!


       How high can you reach? http://www.seattlehypnosisforconfidence.com




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