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Kim quit smoking in one Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy session!  Five weeks later, here's what she says about the experience:


"Over the 20 + years of being a smoker, I have made several attempts and used a variety of methods to try and quit.... all unsustainable.  I was always thinking about smoking or not smoking which made the battle to quit miserable and in the end I'd go back and have 'just one more'.


I was desperate for a solution to quit permanently as I was sick and tired of being a 'prisoner' to the habit.  I had heard that hypnosis had helped many people so I started to research my options in the area when I found Connie Brannan.  Connie is not only a hypnotherapist she is also certified in neuro-linguistic programming (N.L.P. - she is far better at explaining what this is).


She is very professional and very good at what she does.  Connie is a warm, positive, and uplifting person.  She is also a success story of hypnosis herself.  Her office environment was also very comfortable and I felt very relaxed and trusted her immediately to 'talk to my sub-conscious'.


I walked out of that office with absolutely zero desire to smoke.  I got in my car, which has always been my private smoking chamber, and drove myself home wondering when the urge would hit me.  It didn't.  In fact after one session, it hasn't.  Unbelievably, I have no desire to smoke at all and in addition, my association with being a smoker has changed.  It doesn't even feel like I was ever a smoker.


I have so much energy!  It has been 5 weeks since that session and not a single cigarette or more importantly a desire for a cigarette.  I am amazed!! I wish I would have found Connie a long time ago!


If you are a smoker and have battled with trying to quit, see Connie.  She is awesome and has changed my life!  It was instant, it was painless, and it was successful!!"


Sincerely, Kim J., the Seattle non-smoker 1/30/11.




Did you know that hypnosis is described by a prominent scientific journal as: “The most effective way of giving up smoking” (New Scientist, issue #1845, October 31, 1992, p 6). This was the conclusion reached after reviewing some 600 studies totaling nearly 72,000 people.


To find the most effective way to give up smoking, researchers carried out a meta-analysis, statistically combining the results of more than 600 smoking cessation studies covering almost 72,000 people from across the globe.  By combining the results from so many separate studies, the meta-analysis enables the real effectiveness of each technique to be seen. The results are clear:  the use of clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation is the most effective approach to becoming smoke-free in existence!  And, one of the least expensive!


The results are in.  According to the extensive research, here are the relative
effectiveness of various therapies:


Nicotine Replacement Therapy/Patches and gum, 7%

Will power alone (“cold turkey”), 6 – 11%

Herbal remedies, Lozenges, Nasal sprays,   2 – 5%

Herbal cigarettes, Inhalers, 2 – 5%

Prescription drugs, 20%

Acupuncture, 24%



We’re Connie and Michael Brannan, owners and operators of Mindworks Hypnosis, and we’ve been helping people end their smoking habit for over 7 years. We use a unique and powerful blend of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to stop smoking dead in it’s tracks.


You may not have heard of NLP, but it is the most advanced and powerful form of hypnosis there is. It has been called “hypnosis on steroids.” Knowing that hypnosis is already the most effective way to stop smoking, just imagine your results when you put
it on steroids! Cool, huh?


You can quit, and we can help using this powerful, proven and safe method. And, unlike drugs, hypnosis has no negative side effects. It does, of course, have positive side effects–you’ll start feeling happy, energized, joyous, much better than you have in a long, long time. Call us and get on the path to healthy now:




Tobacco is a killer.  We all know that.  But maybe what you didn't know is that smoking is simply a habit.  Something you learned.  And, as such, it can be UN-learned.  With hypnosis habits are easily changed.  It doesn't matter how long you've smoked.  We can work with your subconscious mind to give you new choices, give you resources to satisfy the emotional needs in you that tobacco now provides.


Our program will guide you through breaking the tobacco habit, finding out what triggers your smoking, and giving you the easy freedom to choose not to.  As your body is cleansed of the noxious chemicals, you'll begin to notice a power and vigor and HEALTHY feelings that have been missing from your life for a long, long time.  Your self-esteem will climb!  It's a wonderful feeling to be in control of your own life, and see the choices you make for your health and well-being come to fruition.  Hypnosis is the way!  During the wonderful, relaxing experience of trance, we work together to reprogram your mind for a tobacco-free life.  It's been proven that hypnosis is a powerfully effective technique for this, and doesn't have the negative side-effects of other "treatments."  This isn't a treatment.  It's new life choices.  YOUR choices.  Put into action.


We all know the litany of reasons why you want to quit smoking:  


--Your family is counting on you to be healthy.  And you want to be there for them.


--You could be saving the piles of money you spend on tobacco, (and we all know it's a ridiculous amount, what is it now?  $10 a pack??  More?) for something else--like a new car or a much-needed vacation with the family.


--You deserve to feel healthy.  You deserve to breathe better.  Most of all, you deserve a long, disease-free life.

The most important thing here is:  YOU WANT TO QUIT SMOKING.  

With our program, if you want to, you will.  Simple as that.


Call us today and get this bad, very bad habit out of your life.


(425) 564-8608  Connie & Michael Brannan, CHts., or email:

       How high can you reach?

For more on the high cost of smoking and how we can help you make this positive change in your life:


Another testimonial of success received July, 2012:

"I have 3 months now since I quit smoking. I am so much happier and feel so much better. I feel this is a lifelong experience with your skilled hypnosis expertise. Thank You."   -- Laurie A, Seattle, WA.


John CRUSHED the Tobacco Habit – with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Stop Smoking with Seattle's Best Hypnotherapists - Mindworks Hypnosis.
John M. of Seattle crushed the smoking habit!


8/1/12  Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Another story. John came into my office the other day. He was READY to quit smoking. I mean, really ready. He wanted to. For some reason, he just couldn’t. Until he could.


Hypnosis is a tool to sharpen focus, motivation, and bring resourcefulness. TO ANYTHING! It brought John the resourcefulness to quit smoking.


We had a Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy session. It went fantastically well. Now: John is done with cigarettes. He was so sure, he pulled out his last pack of cigarettes and gave them to me. (I stick them in my desk and use them for testing purposes.) Then he said: “Wait. No. I want to CRUSH them. I want to take the pack in my hand and I want to crush it.” I gave them back, and he did. Squeeze/crush that pack into oblivion. Then he tossed it into the trash can. We both photographed the event! :)


Fini! He’s done with smoking and cigarettes. Isn’t that like a breath of fresh air? I like John and I’m so happy for him. Here’s to his continuing power. He didn’t even know that he had this massive resourcefulness inside himself to quit smoking instantly, I wonder what other wonderful things he can accomplish in his life? That he hasn’t discovered? Yet.


Hypnosis has gotten such a bum rap in the world, via ridiculous movies and “Hollyweird” presenting it so wrongly. I’m glad that’s changing. One life success at a time. Yay, John!


Warm Regards,
Connie (Excerpt from The Hypnotizer Blog)




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Smoking Cessation Success!


These are testimonials from real people in our Greater Seattle metropolitan area who have quit smoking with hypnosis, just like you can now:


"I'm 28 days without a cigarette.  I feel great!  Everything worked!  I'm very surprised at these results.  Exceeded my expectations."

-- Dave Manion, Bellevue, WA. 


"The urge is gone!"

--Nancy C., Bellevue, WA.


“I am so proud that I have not smoked all this time.  It’s amazing!  I can’t believe that I have done it!  I used to believe that I could not live without cigarettes.  Now I know I will never be a smoker again!  I’m so happy I met you, Connie.”

     -- N.B., Bellevue, WA. 


Hello there Connie. This Thursday will mark 6 weeks of NO SMOKING!! Yahoo!! The journey so far has been interesting for me…I have had a few dreams where I did light up and was very disappointed at myself.  Nice to wake up and realize “I’m good.” :)

     -- Dawn Abourezk, Seattle, WA.


"I'm going to tell you a bit about my success with Hypnosis.  I was a smoker.  I smoked about a pack a day at the worst days.  I had coughs, and unhappy mornings when I 'had to have' my cigarette...Before meeting with Connie Brannan, I was struggling with not smoking.  After I walked out of her office, I didn't have to struggle anymore.  Now, THREE MONTHS later, I am still a proud, successful nonsmoker.  Not only was this treatment relaxing, I learned tools that were practical for me.  Whenever I had a craving, I applied her useful tools to my moment-to-moment cravings for what I once had.  I feel great, and I have no desire to smoke cigarettes.  Connie, you have no idea how much of a difference, and how many years you helped add on to my life.  Many, many thanks!


-- Samantha Woolsey, Kirkland, WA


And more:


"It's been 7 days since my first session with you, and I haven't touched a cigarette!  Thanks for your help.  I feel great and less stressed.  My lungs feel younger!"


-- John W., Bellevue, WA


And a follow up report:


"Hi, Connie, I just wanted to share news with you that it is almost a month since I smoked my last one.  I feel so clean, energized, refined and all good stuff I dreamed of.  Thank you once again!"


-- John W., Bellevue, WA


John O.  of Bellevue, WA, quit after one session.  His comment:  "You're good!"


"Hi Connie, Alan the former smoker here!  Well, not very surprisingly I am now a tobacco free person.  On the 1st of April (the day I had marked in my time line) I woke up realizing that I had been dreaming and what I was dreaming was your voice doing an intervention.  Cool huh.  Just thought you would like to know.


-- Alan A., Lynnwood


Diane B. had smoked 3 packs a day for 20-plus years.  She successfully quit after one powerful Mindworks Hypnosis session!  (You can, too!)