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Unleash the  infinite power within you to stop the negative habit of nail biting!

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Do you chew and bite your nails to the point of bleeding?  Are you embarrassed by how your hands and nails look?  Are you teaching your children to bite their nails, also?  It doesn't have to be that way. Nail biting is a habit, which may be triggered by stresses in your life, anxiety, nervousness and the need for improved self-confidence.  The good news:  habits can be easily changed--with hypnosis.

During your one-on-one hypnotherapeutic session, we'll help you to feel better about yourself and your life and automate some different choices in your unconscious mind, some alternative responses to stressful situations rather than biting your nails.  Choices that will serve you better. Your nail biting will be a thing of the past, as you no longer feel any urge to put your hands to your mouth.

Get that manicure!  Show off those good-looking hands and healthy nails!  Look and feel great about being in control of your life and your habits.

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Biting your nails makes for unattractive hands. It looks bad to other people. Over time, it can interfere with normal nail growth. Nail biting also can damage the enamel of your teeth. It can cause physical deformities in your nails such as split nails. Bacteria such as staphylococcus also live beneath fingernails -- and you don't want to chew on that and be spreading harmful bacteria through your body.

We also help people release the similar habits of finger chewing and nail picking.



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Testimonials of Success:

A 13-year old girl writes:

Over the summer I didn't bite my nails at all! Since the school year has started, I have only chewed a little bit.  When I noticed, I used the happy memory finger trick, and the urge went right away. :D
I'm so glad I came to you, your hypnosis has worked wonderfully!

H.K., Seattle, former nail biter.

Here is a video testimonial from one of my clients who kicked the nail biting habit after 50 years!


And another report from another client:

"I had a manicure last night...I haven't had a strong urge to bite my nails and I can't exactly find the words but it is an amazing feeling. Thanks so much, Connie!"

         --Heather R. (Former Nail-Biter), Seattle